The Master was sound asleep in the boat. Now that is not what we would have liked is it, Now if we were going to get swamped we would expect that Jesus would stay awake v38. Jesus was a real man therefore he understands the struggles we face, he was asleep on a cushion, Think about this. He who made the universe, he who could have if he had chosen turned the wood of the boat into a special soft substance.  The Lord of glory slept and he slept on a pillow why? Because when you put your head down on the wood of a boat it gets sore! Jesus in the reality of all this had a body just like yours and mine, that’s why he got thirsty, that’s why he got hungry, that’s why he got tired, that’s why he felt pain, He had a body just like ours and that’s why he can express sympathy.. If he did not know fatigue, hunger, thirstiness, pain emptiness how in the world could he be the one to whom we run to today. In Jesus we have one in who we can turn to and who understands our predictament. Are you here this morning, do you feel alone and neglected, Jesus knows how you feel, “Garden of Gehsemane”. There has never been nor will there ever be an experience of neglect or being alone that we will ever know that hasn’t rung the heart of Jesus. Do you know what it is like to be misunderstood, to be talked about behind your friends back or gossiped about, then Jesus knows exactly how you feel because he was dispised, rejected, he was called so many things that misrepresented the wonder and beauty of his character, Are you aware of the trials and the attacks that come from the evil one, heinous thoughts from the past, accusations that come into your life and you wonder why and how? Remember Jesus wrestled in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights in that wilderness experience and then he faced the evil one himself, Are you a bit angry because you feel your family situation is just in total turmoil, Jesus feels it too. I wonder could it compare to the agony Christ faced, causing him to cry from the Cross, “My God My God why have you forsaken me” it’s a simple truth, There is no-one better suited to deal with the predicament you and I may face than the master who we find asleep on a cushion. REMARKABLE.


If Jesus is real and loves us why do we have troubles and sorrow? This was a question that I was asked this morning as I was visiting a home in Ballysally. This was often the question I asked myself many times, For example John 10:10 ‘I have come that you may have life and life in all it’s fullness’ How come then my life seems so hard and difficult and following Jesus seems such a struggle. Why is my life falling apart? Why does this happen to this person and that family? Why is there so much suffering in the world?

The story of Jesus Calming the Storm always gives me great heart and also a real opportunity to minister into the lives of the people in Ballysally and Coleraine.

One of the interesting aspects of Mark’s account of Jesus calming the storm was that the boat was nearly swamped v 37, we know that this came about because a furious squall or storm came up and if you read the passage in Matthew he tells us that the storm came up without warning. It was plain sailing for a bit and then down through the wind tunnels at the Sea of Galilee a storm swelled up. The result of the storm was that the boat was taking in water and that it was becoming likely that the boat would sink.

You see this reminds us that following Jesus provides no shelter from the storms of life. Now it may be that this early on in events the disciples who were in the boat with Jesus thought it could and perhaps thought it would, maybe they began to imagine since they saw Jesus doing miraculous things that if they simply stayed close to Jesus all would be well. They would enjoy fine journeys, they would enjoy fine weather, They would know an easy course and experience freedom from trouble. Now if that was their thinking. I believe they would be like many who today look for guarantees in the path of Faith. You see following Jesus does not provide us exclusion from the storms of life, If you believe in a God who prevents his children from ever knowing difficulty then we must examine our hearts and minds and ask ourselves the question. Is this the God of the Bible?

The God who allowed Jesus his Son to experience extreme difficulty in his life and face death on a cruel cross. One of the most striking aspects of this is that it was as a result of the obedience that the disciples faced the storm. “Go to the other side” was the instruction Jesus gave. I am convinced that you at some point in your life and even now have had hardships and “furious squalls” without warning. Health, hospital, telephone call, in this present economic climate there is many getting invitations in to the bosses office to be told they are getting paid off! The sorrow of parting our loved ones, the boat was nearly swamped and such is the experience I am sure of some of us here this morning because following Jesus does not exclude us from the storms of life.

To be Continued!

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Copa de Ballysally!

International Flavour coming to Ballysally this June!!!!

This June will see a slightly different Ballysally than the usual with teams coming in to run Soccer Camps and a team coming from North-side Presbyterian Church Florida for two weeks to work in Local schools and run “Unleashed”

From June 5th-12th Ambassadors in Sport will be in the estate working with Ballysally Presbyterian Church. After the huge success in the Ballysally estate last year Ballysally Presbyterian Church are glad to welcome back Ambassadors in Sport for a second year. We at Ballysally Presbyterian work in partnership to run soccer schools as they are designed to give young, developing players aged 6 – 15 an opportunity to learn basic and advanced soccer skills in a fun, positive and encouraging Christian environment.

In addition to great coaching, we will be providing a daily life related “Team Talk” geared towards communicating the life – changing principles found in God’s word. That’s what Ambassadors Soccer Schools are all about.

Each day includes technical and tactical instruction for individuals and groups focusing on passing, control, dribbling, heading, defending, shooting and goalkeeping.

This is just a basic football event for young people in Ballysally within the church and local community.

Each day the Team will be in the local Primary School were they will be teaching the young people new football skills and sharing hope through football. Each day from Monday to Friday from 3-5pm the team will be running a Soccer Camp in the Local Community and thanks again goes to Ballysally Community Centre for allowing the Team access to the pitch for these five days.

Over the past few months there have been opportunities for the men of the estate to get involved in different activities within the Church and these have included fishing trips, football matches with other Churches and 5-A-Side football each week. All of this has brought a lot of men together in the estate and has been enjoyed by all involved. So this week when the AIS team is in there is going to be lots going on not only for the young people in our community but for the adults too. On different nights there will be football matches against other churches, and other church-community events happening. A great opportunity to bring the families from the Community in Ballysally Together.

Ballysally is a place that quite often is in the newspapers and headlines for the wrong reasons but we see many people in the estate with massive potential and capabilities who are wanting to express themselves. This week promises to be a fantastic week for the whole community of Ballysally.

This will be followed by an international team coming from North-side Presbyterian Church Florida who will arrive on the 16th June to the 29th June. This team will do a Holiday Bible Club with the Teenage programme each evening and each day will go to various schools, Coleraine College, North Coast integrated and Ballysally Primary.

Ballysally this June will be slightly different than usual and we are excited and expectant for what is going to happen!!! ALL KICKING OFF THIS SUNDAY AT 6:30pm

For the past 2 years the people of Ballysally have been blessed to have exceptional footballers who love the Lord Jesus Christ coming and sharing their lives with us through the schools, camps and matches in the ‘sal’. This Summer we again are looking forward to 13 Ambassadors in Sport coming to Ballysally for a week to share their lives and to minister through football and other sports in our schools, and community. (5th-12th June)

This Sunday 22nd May at 11am in Ballysally Presbyterian Church we are getting a flavour of whats going to be happening in our community with Aaron Tredway coming and sharing his Story with us!

Aaron graduated from California State University-Stanislaus in 1998 after being their goalie for four years. He went on to play professional football for six years in different countries all over Africa including the South African Premier Soccer League. In addition to his overseas experience, he played for the Cascade Surge PDL Team for five years and was the Surge’s Technical Director for the final two seasons.

Aaron Tredway is a true expert in the football business and has a passion for providing leadership training and guidance for professional players all over the world.

Aaron is a great preacher and has strong links with Ambassadors in Sport

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Our Future!

Hi All

A lot of you would have been aware that I was accepted to go into the Presbyterian Church College to train to be a minister. Jenni and I thought that we would go to the college in September 2011, which means for me leaving Ballysally Presbyterian Church as youth and community worker, and for Jenni and I having to leave our present home in Ballysally.

After much soul searching and prayer Jenni and I feel that at the moment we are in the right place at the right time. Therefore on Friday I withdrew my application and won’t be going to Union College. Jenni and I are very happy here in Ballysally and are enjoying the work extremely and Jenni is very settled in her work at Gorran Primary School.

We want to say a huge thank you to those who continue to support Jenni and I financially, prayerfully and in many other ways!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers

Jonny and Jenni

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Is Jesus a Wimp?

Steven Jones was a truck driver, Each week he hauled goods from Edinburgh to London, Joe’s Diner was his favourite eating spot on the route and steve always stopped there for his meals when he was passing by. One summer afternoon. Steve parked his truck and walked into the diner. Sitting down in his favourite seat, the third counter stool, he ordered the usual, hot meat loaf sandwich, mashed potatoes and a Can of coke. In the distance came a roar and a cloud of dust, followed by the arrival into the parking lot of twelve members of a motorcycle gang, riding Harley Davidsons with extended forks, These were fine bikes, quite a sight to see as the gang parked them next to steve’s peterbilt truck and set down the kickstands. As the gang stomped into the diner, the leader immediately spoted steve, “Well who is this little sissy in the counter?” he sneered. Steve remained and continued to eat his lunch. Forming a semi-circle around steve, the gang members started snapping their fingers. Unperturbed Steve kept eating his lunch. One of the gang picked up his coke and poured it on Steve’s head. The others watched and laughed. Another gang members picked up Steves mashed potatoe and stuck a handful into his ear, wiping his hand on steves back. Steve remained calm and didn’t respond. He simply continued to eat his lunch, he only stood up, turned to Joe and paid his bill, he left the diner without saying a word. The leader of the gang laughed and said to Joe, “What a wimp that guy sure aint much of a man!”
Joe looking out the window of the dinner said “ No, and he aint much of a driver either, he just drove over 12 Harley’s :):)

This Good Friday many people in our communities and estates look at Jesus and think what a sissy, he sure aint much of a man.
As they nailed the Son of God to the cross Jesus never said a word. He took all the abuse that the world could throw at him. He was ridiculed, humiliated, spat upon, whipped, crowned with thorns, and hung on a cruel cross. Satan did everything he could to destroy Him and to make him the laughing stock of the world, Jesus never opened his mouth, he willingly accepted it because He knew that in the end satan would be defeated. And of Course that is exactly what happened on Calvary. Satan defeated. What a Man what a Saviour

Jonny Doey

Ballysally Presbyterian Church